Master Scuba Diver Course

Bali Aqua doing Master Scuba Diver course for a pilot :).

The prerequisite to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver is to have total 5 Specialty Certifications which means people who earns this title is not longer consider as a non experience diver since this person already passed Open Water Diver Course, Advanced Open Water Diver Course, Rescue Diver Course and have at least 50 log dives.

This time our student have completed 2 Specialty courses so she will only need to get certified for another 3 Specialty courses to earn her PADI Master Scuba Diver 🙂

Bali Aqua makes 3 days program with itinerary like below:

1’st Day go to Padangbai for doing 2 specialty Underwater Photography and 1 specialty Wreck diving.

2’nd Day go to Tulamben for doing another 3 specialty Wreck diving.

3’rd Day go to Padangbai again for doing 2 specialty Peak Performance Buoyance + 1 extra dive.

How amazing to see the skills improvement from the student during the course and now the student is confident for her Scuba Diving skills and she is ready to explore more diving around the world.

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