Diving Gili Tepekong

Tepekong, Mimpang and Gili Biaha are islands near Padang Bai, whose walls come straight up out of the deep ocean of the Bali Sea. Currents are common here, and the sea-life is quite raw, as you would expect, because of the variety of conditions and depths near the islands.


Reasons to dive here

A wide variety of conditions make this advanced and interesting, similar to Penida. Advanced diving is always a challenge, and the chances of seeing deep-sea pelagics are quite high; this is not a sheltered coastal area, so anything may happen!

Type Reef /wall
Access 1 hours drive from Sanur, boat access
Coral/bottom Reefs, wall
Marine life Reef-fish and pelagics from Mola Mola to sharks and rays
Current/conditions Medium to very strong
Visibility 10 – 35m
Depth 5 – 50+m
Experience level Intermediate upwards
Photography Macro, snapshot

Key information

  • Bring any personal items you wish in the bus, anything you don’t need for the diving will be securely locked in the bus
  • there is no shore access in the surface interval; we supply water, lunch is after the dives
  • there are showers in the restaurant and on the beach – bring flip-flops to wear in wet areas
  • the boat ride can be choppy; we dont hit dry land for lunch so prepare for a few hours on the boat
  • bring sun-screen and a sun-hat



Starting point is from the Bali Aqua dive centre in Sanur at 08:00; after 1 hours drive we arrive at Padang Bai, where we take a Jukung (traditional Balinese fishing boat) to the Islands. We stay there for 2 dives, and return the same way; arrival in Sanur is about at 16:00.



All 3 divesites are prone to strong currents at certain times of the day; thus we only take properly proficient divers there as the currents can spring up quickly. Much of the divesites are walls, with some slopes and terraces;

Gili Mimpang
Here you dive around 4 small islands,  with slopes and walls offer a chance of seeing Turtles, sharks and possibly Mantas, as well as healthy corals.

Gili Biaha
This offers a wall dive, and there can be heavy swells, so best dived in the mornings when the surge (and current) is  not too strong.  There is a shark cave at about 10 metres depth, with mantis shrimps and octopus a reglar find. As always when leaving the gloom of a cave, the colour of the sea outside is a wonderful blue and the reef fish swarm around in a great display!.

Gili Tepekong
Associated with strong current, the topography makes this small island a very interesting dive. Lovely swim-throughs, walls and slopes along with  schools of barracudas, and even Mola Mola at times make it a good destination – but his is a dive site only for the more experienced diver….



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