Diving Amed

Situated on the north-east coast of Bali, Amed has many small hotels spread through several villages, and an original Balinese charm.. With black sand, some great coral walls and slopes it is excellent for Macro divers, as well as for reef dives. Due to the currents out beyond the points there is a large variety of fish, despite being sheltered.


Reasons to dive here

The variety and ease of dives here are what bring people here, along with the natural beauty of the area; also it’s a great place to come with non-divers, as they have plenty of beach-life to amuse themselves with while you are diving, so you can bring the whole family.

Type Reef, wreck, dropoff
Access 1 hour by car, 10 minutes by Jukung (trad. boat) or shore-entry
Coral/bottom Sand with coral blocks, also reefs
Marine life muck life, reef life, rays, critters
Current/conditions Sometimes medium but easy to avoid
Visibility When it rains, 5m – 10m, otherwise, 10 – 25m
Depth 8 – 25m
Experience level Beginner to advanced
Photography Wide angle, macro, snapshot

Key information

  • use booties, the beaches are partially stones not sand
  • bring anything, you can lock it in the car
  • prepare for 2 hours drive
  • bring waterproof sandals/flipflops for the boat/beach as the beach is stoney


We pick you up in sanur and take you for final preparation in the dive-centre; then it takes about 1 1/2 hours drive through balinese forests to get there. Village life awaits in Amed, where we make a shore dive or catch a Jukung (traditional boat) to the dive-site depending on the tides. Back to a restaurant for lunch, then off for a second dive.
Back in Sanur for tea at about 15:00.



Several bays separated by spits of cliff make up this area, forming protected areas so full of coral that at some places it’s almost impossible to get into the water at low tide. In deeper water there are reefs and walls, mostly protected from the currents which run past, further ot in the blue. This gives a large variety of fish and other marine life. The fact that these villages all have fishing as their main industry, shows how rich the water is.
A small japanese wreck makes a lovely artificial reef, with a lovely coral reef stretching off next to it into the distance; also there are drop-offs here, and sandy areas to explore.



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