Dive Sites around Bali


Go with Bali Aqua Diving to the best dive-sites in Bali. There are very many dive-sites on Bali; each area we drive to has several divesites to choose from, and as the conditions of each vary depending on time of day, tides etc., we may advise choosing one rather than another. To help you to choose the right one for your wishes, here is information about the divesites. Click on the names for detailed information about experience level etc., and email us if you are still unsure!


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Nusa Penida & Nusa Lembongan

These 3 close-lying Islands (Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan) are about 40 minutes speedboat ride from Sanur, and have many divesites. One is a great spot for seeing Manta rays, either feeding or being cleaned, with close encounters being more than likely. Another divesite is world-famous for finding Oceanic Sunfish – MolaMolas. Other sites have great coral, deep walls, and currents making good drift-dives; sightings of eagle-rays, giant trevallies, Jacks, Tuna etc are common. You need a very experienced guide to dive safely here, and get the benefits of these dive-sites. Good for all non-beginners, but best for experienced divers, who are used to handling sudden currents.



The world famous USAT Liberty is a large shipwreck lying in shallow water, which since it’s sinking in 1963 has become a fantastic artificial reef, making it a great dive-site for beginners and advanced alike.


Padang Bai

Here there are 5 different dive sites to choose from, including coral-dotted sandy slopes, areas of sea-grass, a small wreck, drop-offs and a deep channel. With many and varied fish and other marine life, it is just as good for beginners, as for more experienced divers and photographers. It is approx 1 hour from Sanur by bus, then 10 minutes by boat.




Situated on the north-east coast of Bali, Amed has many small hotels spread through several villages, and an original Balinese charm.. With black sand, some great coral walls and slopes it is excellent for Macro divers, as well as for reef dives. Due to the currents out beyond the points there is a large variety of fish, despite the bays being sheltered.



This beautiful coral island boasts some of the most diverse reef life available in Bali, and some of the best coral growth, making it truly a world-class site; thus it is well worth the extra trip to get there. The water is mostly extremely clear with visibility up to 35m; temperatures range around 28 – 31 dergrees, with white tip sharks, turtles, jackfish, lionfish, leaf scorpion fish, banner fish, trigger fish and batfish and many more, all a likely sighting. *Only available on Safari-trips.


Gili Tepekong/Mimpang

Tepekong and Mimpang are small islands a little away from the coast, rising sharply up from the deep water channel in the Bali sea. This means they are fed with water fresh and full of nutrients, bringing many deep-water fish with it, and ensuring great coral and marine life. Currents can be strong; a great place for experienced divers, for beginners conditions may not allow access.

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